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1 Enoxaparin for primary thromboprophylaxis in symptomatic outpatients with COVID-19 (OVID): a randomised, open-label, parallel-group, multicentre, phase 3 trial
Barco S, Voci D, Held U, Sebastian T, Bingisser R, Colucci G, Duerschmied D, Frenk A, Gerber B, Götschi A, Konstantinides SV, Mach F, Robert-Ebadi H, Rosemann T, Simon NR, Spechbach H, Spirk D, Stortecky S, Vaisnora L, Righini M, Kucher N; OVID investigators
Lancet Haematol 2022; 9(8):e585-e593
2 Change in colorectal cancer (CRC) testing rates associated with the introduction of the first organized screening program in canton Uri, Switzerland: vidence from insurance claims data analyses from 2010 to 2018
Bissig S, Syrogiannouli L, Schneider R, Tal K, Selby K, Del Giovane C, Bulliard JL, Senn O, Ducros C, Schmid CPR, Marbet U, Auer R
Preventive Medicine Reports 2022; 28 :101851
3 High SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence but no severe course of COVID-19 disease among people on opioid agonist treatment in Zurich: a cross-sectional study
Bruggmann P, Senn O, Frei A, Puhan MA, Fehr J, Falcato L
Swiss Med Wkly. 2022;152:w30122
4 The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the continuity of care for at-risk patients in Swiss primary care settings: A mixed-methods study
Deml MJ, Minnema J, Dubois J, Senn O, Streit S, Rachamin Y, Jungo KT
Social Science & Medicine 2022; 298:114858
5 Quality outcome of Diabetes Care during COVID-19 Pandemic: a Primary Care cohort study
Di Gangi S, Lüthi B, Diaz Hernandez L, Zeller A, Zechmann S, Fischer R
Acta Diabetologica, 2022; 59(9): 1189–1200. 
6 Cost-Effectiveness, Burden of Disease and Budget Impact of Inclisiran: Dynamic Cohort Modelling of a Real-World Population with Cardiovascular Disease
Galactionova K, Salari P, Mattli R, Rachamin Y, Meier R, Schwenkglenks M
PharmacoEconomics 2022 Aug;40(8):791-806.
7 Detection of delirium by family members in the intensive care unit: Translation, Cross-Cultural adaptation and validation of the Family Confusion Assessment Method for the German-Speaking area
Greindl S, Weiss B, Magnolini R, Lingg C, Mayer H, Schaller SJ
Journal of Advanced Nursing 2022; 00:1-10
8 Comparison of motivational short interventions to improve smokers' health behaviour (the COSMOS study) - a pragmatic cluster-randomised two-arm trial in general practice
Grischott T, Senn O, Frei A, Rosemann T, Neuner-Jehle S
Nicotine Tob Res 2022; online ahead of print
9 Medication Review and Enhanced Information Transfer at Discharge of Older Patients with Polypharmacy: a Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial in Swiss Hospitals
Grischott T, Rachamin Y, Senn O, Hug P, Rosemann T, Neuner-Jehle S
Journal of General Internal Medicine 2022; Online ahead of print
10 The Effect of Magnesium on Retinal Venous Pressure of Patients with Normal-Tension Glaucoma and Flammer Syndrome
Gruber R, Fetian I, Fang L, Valeri F, Schmidt KG, Mozaffarieh M
healthbook TIMES Schw Aerztej. 2022;4(1--2):105-108
11 Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on emergency outpatient consultations and admissions of non-COVID-19 patients (ECCO)—A cross-sectional study
Hangartner N, Di Gangi S, Elbl C, Senn O, Bisatz F, Fehr T
PLOS ONE 17(6): e0269724
12 Quality and variation of care for chronic kidney disease in Swiss general practice: A retrospective database study
Jäger L, Rosemann T, Burgstaller JM, Senn O, Markun S
PlosONE 2022; 17(8): e0272662
13 The Swiss Approach – feasibility of a national low-dose CT lung cancer screening program
Jungblut L, von Garnier C, Puhan M, Tomonagac Y, Kaufmann C, Azzolae A, Bürgie U, Bremerich J, Brutsche M, Christe A, Ebner L, Heverhagen JT, Eich C, Franzen D, Schmitt-Opitz I, Schneiter D, Spieldenner J, Horwarth N, Kohler M, Weder W, Lovis A, Meuli R, Menig M, Beigelmann-Aubry C, Niemann T, Stöhr S, Vock P, Senn O, Neuner-Jehle S, Selby K, Laures S, Ott S, Frauenfelder T
Swiss Med Wkly. 2022;152:w30154
14 Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia in Marathon Runners
Klingert M, Nikolaidis PT, Weiss K, Thuany M, Daniela Chlibkova D, Knechtle B 
Journal of Clinical Medicine 2022; 11:6775
15 Challenges and opportunities for general practice specific CME in Europe - a narrative review of seven countries
Löffler C, Altiner A, Blumenthal S, Bruno P, De Sutter A, De Vos BJ, Dinant GJ, Duerden M, Dunais B, Egidi G, Gibis B, Melbye H, Rouquier F, Rosemann T, Touboul-Lundgren P, Feldmeier G
BMC Med Educ 2022; 22(1):761
16 Attractiveness of medical disciplines amongst Swiss first-year medical students allocated to different medical education tracks: cross-sectional study
Markun S, Tandjung R, Rosemann T, Scherz N, Senn O
BMC Medical Education 2022; 22:252
17 The Role of Point-of-Care C-Reactive Protein Testing in Antibiotic Prescribing for Respiratory Tract Infections: A Survey among Swiss General Practitioners
Martínez-González NA, Plate A, Jäger L, Senn O, Neuner-Jehle S
Antibiotics. 2022; 11(5):543
18 Polypharmazie
Neuner-Jehle S, Senn O
Praxis 2022; 111 (3): 168-173 
19 Shared Decision-Making in der Prävention
Neuner-Jehle S
Therapeutische Umschau 2022; 79(8):377–386
20 Der Einfluss der kantonalen HPV-Impfprogramme in der Grundversorgung
Plate A, Jäger L, Di Gangi  S, Rosemann T, Senn O
Primary and Hospital Care - Allgemeine innere Medizin 2022; 22(8):241–243
21 Allgemeine Innere Medizin: Wege zum Clinician Investigator
SGAIM Forschungskommission - Baumgartner C, Selby K, Plate A, Bastardot F, Becker C, Blum MR, Clair C, Méan M, Spechbach H, Tritschler T, Aujesky  D, Rodondi N
Schweizerische Ärztezeitung 2022; 103(31–32):978–982
22 Motivation und Perspektiven für eine akademische Karriere
Plate A, Selby K, Baumgartner C, Bastardot F, Becker C, Blum MR, Clair C, Méan M,  Spechbach H, Tritschler T, Aujesky  D, Rodondi N für die Forschungskommission der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Allgemeine Innere Medizin (SGAIM)
Swiss Med Forum. 2022;22(36):596-599
23 Prescription Rates, Polypharmacy and Prescriber Variability in Swiss General Practice—A Cross-Sectional Database Study
Rachamin Y, Jäger L, Meier R, Grischott T, Senn O, Burgstaller JM, Markun S
Front Pharmacol. 2022; 13:832994
24 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Elective and Emergency Inpatient Procedure Volumes in Switzerland - A Retrospective Study Based on Insurance Claims Data
Rachamin Y, Meyer MR, Rosemann T, Grischott T
Int J Health Policy Manag. 2022 Sep 13; Online ahead of print
25 Vorhofflimmern
Rosemann A
Praxis 2022; 111(11):640-652
26 Oregano (Origanum vulgare) consumption reduces oxidative stress and markers of muscle damage after combat readiness tests in soldiers
Shirvani H, Bazgir B, Shamsoddini A, Saeidi A, Tayebi SM, Escobar KA, Laher I, VanDusseldorp TA, Weiss K, Knechtle B, Zouhal H
Nutrients 2022; 15:137
27 The Effects of Daytime Melatonin Ingestion on Arousal and Vigilance Vanishes after Sub-maximal Exercise: A Pilot Study
Amine Souissi A, Farjallah MA, Gaied Chortane O, Dergaa I, Mejri MA, Gaamouri N, Souissi N, Chamari K, Ben Saad H, Weiss K, Ghram A, Knechtle B
European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences 2022; 26:6065-6072
28 Prevalence, outcomes, and cost of chronic kidney disease in a contemporary population of 2.4 million patients from 11 countries: The CaReMe CKD study
Sundström J, Bodegard J, Bollmann A, Vervloet MG, Mark PB, Karasik A, Taveira-Gomes T, Botana M, Birkeland KI, Thuresson M, Jäger L, Sood MM, VanPottelbergh G, Tangri N; on behalf of the CaReMe CKD Investigators
Lancet Reg Health Eur 2022; 20:100438
29 Incidence of Revision Surgery After Decompression With vs Without Fusion Among Patients With Degenerative Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Ulrich NH, Burgstaller JM, Valeri F, Pichierri G, Betz M, Fekete TF, Wertli MM, Porchet F, Steurer J, Farshad M, Lumbar Stenosis Outcome Study Group
JAMA Netw Open 2022;5(7):e2223803
30 Relationship between running performance and weather in elite marathoners competing in the New York City
Weiss K, Valero D, Villiger E, Thuany M, Ivan Cuk I, Scheer V, Knechtle B
Marathon Scientific Reports 2022; 12(1):21264
31 Performance improvement in sport through vitamin D – A narrative review
Weiss K, Devrim-Lanpir A, Jastrzębski Z, Nikolaidis PT, Hill L, Knechtle B
European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences 2022; 26(21):7756-7770
32 Running economy in long-distance runners is positively affected by running experience and negatively by aging
Dos Anjos Souza VR, Seffrin A, Ronaldo Alves da Cunha, Lavínia Vivan L, Barbosa de Lira CA, Vancini RL, Weiss K, Knechtle B, Andrade MS
Physiology & Behavior 2022; 258:114032
33 Changes of 25(OH)D concentration, bone resorption markers and physical performance as an effect of sun exposure, supplementation of vitamin D and lockdown among young soccer players during a one-year training season
Jastrzębska J, Skalska M, Radzimiński L, López-Sánchez GF, Weiss K, Hill L, Knechtle B
Nutrients 2022; Nutrients 2022; 14: 521
34 Impact of urinary incontinence on physical function and respiratory muscle strength in incontinent women: a comparative study between urinary incontinent and apparently healthy women
Abidi S, Ghram A, Ghroubi S, Ahmaïdi S, Elleuch MH, Girard O, Papsavvas T, Laukkanen JA, Ben Saad H, Knechtle B, Weiss K, Chlif M
Journal of Clinical Medicine 2022; 11:7344
35 Evaluation of Ibuprofen Use on the Immune System Indicators and Force in Disabled Paralympic Powerlifters of Different Sport Levels
Aidar FJ, Fraga GS, Getirana-Mota M, Marçal AC, Santos JL, de Souza RF, Vieira-Souza LM, Ferreira ARP, de Matos DG, de Almeida-Neto PF, Garrido ND, Diaz-de-Durana AL, Knechtle B, et al.
Healthcare 2022; 10:1331
36 Association of Ramadan Participation with Psychological Parameters: A Cross-Sectional Study during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Iran
Akbari HA, Yoosefi M, Pourabbas M, Weiss K,  Knechtle B, Vancini  RL, Trakada G,  Ben Saad H, Lavie CJ, Ghram A
J. Clin. Med. 2022; 11:23466
37 Effect of creatine supplementation on kidney stones recurrence in an athlete: a case report
Akbari HA, Ghram A, Knechtle B, Weiss K, Ben Saad H
Tunis Med. 2022 ;100(6):477-480
38 Isokinetic muscular strength and aerobic physical fitness in recreational long-distance runners: A cross-sectional study
Andrade MS, Silva WA, de Lira CA, Mascarin NC, Vancini RL, Rosemann T, Nikolaidis PT, Knechtle B
Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 2022; 36(3):e73 -e80
39 The beginning of success: Performance trends and cut-off values for junior and the U23 triathlon categories
Barbosa LP, Sousa CV,  da Silva Aguiar S, Gadelha AB , Nikolaidis PT, Villiger E, Knechtle B
Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness 2022; 20(1):16-22
40 Comparison of the levels of depression and anxiety during the first and fourth waves of coronavirus disease-2019 pandemic in Brazil
Barbosa JG, Barbosa de LIra CA, Vancini RL, Puccinelli PJ, Seffrin A, Vivan L, Ribeiro dos Anjos V, Weiss K, Knechtle B, Andrade MS
European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences 2022; 26: 4148-4157
41 Shoulder internal rotator strength as risk factor for shoulder pain in adolescent volleyball players
Barbosa de Lira CA, Zimermann Vargas V, Vancini RL, Hill L, Nikolaids PT, Knechtle B, Santos Andrade M
International Journal of Sports Medicine 2022; published online
42 Effects of resistance training on oxidative stress markers and muscle damage in spinal cord injured rats
Barros NdA , Aidar FJ, Marçal AC,  Santos JL,  de Souza RF, Menezes JL,  Gomes MZ,  de Matos DG, Neves EB, Carneiro ALG, de Almeida-Neto PF, de Araújo Tinoco Cabral BG, Neto RVB, Knechtle B, Clemente FM, Camargo E
Biology 2022; 11:32 
43 Exercise science in high school biology textbooks
Borges Viana R, Pires de Morais S, Vancini RL, Santos Andrade M, de Conti Teixeira Costa G, Knechtle B, Nikolaidis PT, Barbosa de Lira CA
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte 2022; 28(4):352-357
44 Skisturz mit temporärer Tetraparese
Braschler L, Ulrich Kraus U, Braschler T, Knechtle B
Praxis (Bern 1994) 2022; 111(13):760-765
45 Effects of plyometric jump training on soccer player’s balance: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized-controlled trials
Clemente FM, Ramirez-Campillo R, Castillo D, Raya-González J, Rico-González M, Oliveira R, Rosemann T, Knechtle B
Biology of Sport 2022; 39(3):765-778
46 Editorial: Psychophysiology of Stress
Clemente-Suárez VJ, Nikolaidis PT, Knechtle B, Ruisoto P
Frontiers in Psychology 2022; 13:896773
47 Effects of aerobic and strength training on depression, anxiety, and health self-perception levels during the COVID-19 pandemic
da Costa TS, Seffrin A, de Castro Filh  J, Togni  G, Castardeli E, Barbosa de Lira CA, Vancini RL, Knechtle B, Rosemann T, Andrade MS
Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2022 2022;(15):5601-5610
48 Acute Neuromuscular, Physiological and Performance Responses After Strength Training in Runners: A Systematic Review and Meta‑Analysis
de Carvalho e Silva GI, Albuquerque Brandão LH, dos Santos Silva D, Deivison de Jesus Alves M, Aidar FJ,  de Sousa FernandesMS,  Carvalho Sampaio RA, Knechtle B, de Souza RF
Sports Medicine Open 2022;8(1):105 
49 Possible efftects of uberization on the quality of sleep of Uber drivers
de Oliveira VN, Costa TG, Andrade MS, Vancini RL, Weiss K, Knechtle B,  Narciso FV, Rosa JPP, Barbosa de Lira CA
Chronobiology International 2022; Online ahead of prin
50 Ultramarathon evaluation above 180 km in relation to peak age and performance
de Souza RF, Sousa Santos MM, Thuany M,  Silva DDS, Alves MDDE, Oliveira DPM, Knechtle B, Silva AF, Clemente FM, Nobari H, Aidar FJ, Badicu G, Cataldi S, Greco G
Biomed Research International 2022; Article ID 1036775
51 Effects of ibuprofen during 42-km trail running on oxidative stress, muscle fatigue, muscle damage and performance: a randomized controlled trial
de Souza RF, de Matos DG, Lopes Dos Santos J, Andrade Lima C, Reis Pires Ferreira A, Moreno G, Santos Oliveira A, Dutra Pereira D, Knechtle B, Aidar FJ
Res Sports Med 2022;  Online ahead of print
52 «Peculiar» snoring in a 40 years old patient: A case report and review of literature
Economou NT,  Cholidou K, Kallianos A, Weiss K, Knechtle B, Nikolaidis PT, Trakada G
Healthcare 2022; 10:1051
53 Adolescent female handball players present greater bone mass content than soccer players: A cross-sectional study
Fagundes U, Vancini RL, Seffrin A, de Almeida AA, Nikolaidis PT, Rosemann T, Knechtle B,  Andrade S, Barbosa de Lira CA
Bone 2022;154:116217
54 Effects of brief periods of combined plyometric exercise and high intensity running training on the performance fitness of male U17 handball players
Gaamouri N, Hammami M, Shephard RJ, Chelly MS, Knechtle B, Suzuki K, Gaied S
International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching 2022; online ahead of print
55 Amateur Athlete with Sinus Arrest and Severe Bradycardia Diagnosed through a Heart Rate Monitor: A Six-year Observation. The Necessity of Shared Decision-making in Heart Rhythm Therapy Management
Gajda R, Knechtle B, Gębska-Kuczerowska A, Gajda J, Stec S, Krych M, Kwaśniewska M, Drygas W
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2022; 19:67
56 Nicht Aufgeben bei seltenen Erkrankungen - manchmal dauert es Jahre bis zur richtigen Diagnose
Gerber L, Sousa CV, Knechtle B
Primary and Hospital Care 2022; 22(8):251-256
57 What should a family physician know about nutrition and physical exercise rehabilitation’ advices to communicate to long-term COVID-19 patients?
Ghram A, Hamza Ayadi H, Knechtle B, Ben Saad H
Postgraduate Medicine 2022; 134(2):143 - 147  
58 Physical (in)activity, and its predictors, among Brazilian adolescents: a multilevel analysis
Gomes TN, Thuany M, dos Santos FK, Rosemann T, Knechtle B
BMC Public Health 2022; 22:219
59 Characterization of external load in different types of exercise in professional soccer
Gonçalves L, Camões M, Lima R, Bezerra P, Nikolaidis PT, Rosemann T, Knechtle B, Clemente FM
Hum Mov. 2022;23(1):89–95
60 Effects of strength training with elastic band program on fitness components in young female handball players: A randomized controlled trial
Hammami M, Gaamouri N, Wagner H, Pagaduan JC, Hill L, Nikolaidis PT, Knechtle B, Chelly MS
Biol Sport. 2022;39(3):537–545
61 Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on competitive swimming performance
Hołub M, Prajzner A, Stanula A, Weiss K, Knechtle B
European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences 2022; 26(8):3030-3037
62 Effects of Walking Football during Ramadan Fasting on Heart Rate Variability and Physical Fitness in Healthy Middle-Aged Males
Kammoun N, Hidouri S, Ghram A, Ammar A, Masmoudi L, Driss T, Knechtle B, Weiss K, Hammouda O, Chlif M
American Journal of Men’s Health 2022; 16(3):15579883221103418
63 The sex difference in 6-hours ultra-marathon running – the worldwide trends from 1982 to 2020
Knechtle B, Weiss K, Villiger E, Scheer V, Gomes TN, Gajda R, Ouerghi N, Chtourou H, Nikolaidis PT, Rosemann T, Thuany M 
Medicina 2022; 58(2):179
64 The effects of sex, age and performance level on pacing in ultra-marathon runners in the ‘Spartathlon’
Knechtle B, Ivan Cuk I, Villiger E, Nikolaidis PT, Weiss K, Scheer V, Thuany M
Sports Medicine Open 2022; 8:69
65 Sex Differences between Women and Men in Running
Knechtle B, Pantelis NT
In: The Running Athlete. A Comprehensive Overview of Running in Different Sports
Eds. Gian Luigi Canata, Henrique Jones Werner Krutsch, Patricia Thoreux, Alberto Vascellari
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66 Running in Ironman Triathlon
Knechtle B, Pantelis NT
In: The Running Athlete. A Comprehensive Overview of Running in Different Sports
Eds. Gian Luigi Canata, Henrique Jones Werner Krutsch, Patricia Thoreux, Alberto Vascellari
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67 Vitamin-D-Mangel und Stressfrakturen im Sport
Knechtle B, Jastrzębski Z, Nikolaidis PT
Swiss Medical Forum 2022;22(31–32):503–506
68 Biophysical characterization of the first ultra-cyclist in the world to break the 1,000 km barrier in 24-hour non-stop road cycling: A case report
Knechtle B, Forte P, Weiss K, Cuk I, Nikolaidis PT, Sousa CV,  Andrade MS, Thuany M
Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 2022; 9:990382
69 Association between lowering restriction levels during the coronavirus outbreak and physical activity among adults: A longitudinal observational study in Brazil
Gimenes Marfori BC,  de Lira CAB, Vancini RL, Nikolaidis PT, Knechtle B,  Andrade MS
European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences 2022; 26(9):3377-3385
70 Effects of Aquatic Training in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Marzouki H, Soussi B, Selmi O, Hajji Y, Marsigliante S, Bouhlel E, Muscella A, Weiss K, Knechtle B
Biology 2022, 11:657
71 Effects of Surface-Type Plyometric Training on Physical Fitness in Schoolchildren of Both Sexes: A Randomized Controlled InterventionMarzouki H, Dridi R, Ouergui I, Selmi O, Mbarki R, Klai R, Bouhlel E, Weiss K, Knechtle B
Biology 2022; 11:1035
72 Effects of Four Weeks of Plyometric Training Performed in Different Training Surfaces on Physical Performances in School Children: Age and Sex Comparisons
Marzouki H, Ouergui I, Dridi R, Selmi O, Mbarki R, Mjadri N, Thuany M, Andrade MS, Bouhlel E, Weiss K, et al.
Children 2022; 9(12):1914
73 Female endurance runners have a healthier diet than males – Results from the NURMI Study (Step 2)
Motevalli M, Wagner KH, Leitzmann C, Tanous D, Wirnitzer G, Knechtle B, Wirnitzer K
Nutrients 2022; 14:2590
74 Sex Differences in Racing History of Recreational 10 km to Ultra Runners (Part B)— Results from the NURMI Study (Step 2)
Motevalli M, Tanous D, Wirnitzer G, Leitzmann C, Rosemann T, Knechtle B, Wirnitzer K
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2022; 19(20):13291
75 Editorial: Sports and Health, Second Edition
Nikolaidis PT, Knechtle B
Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2022; 19:8435

Participation and performance characteristics in half-marathon run: a brief narrative review
Nikolaidis PT, Knechtle B
J Muscle Res Cell Motil. 2022; Online ahead of print

77 Profile of self-care capacity and alcohol use in elderly Brazilians during the COVID-19 outbreak: an online study
Okuno MFP, Ximendes-Silva D, Vancini RL, Adjzen C, Andrade MS, de Lira CAB,  Nikolaidis PT, Gomes dos Santos R, Weiss K, Knechtle B
Knowledge 2022; 2:402-411
78 Factors associated with performance drop and musculoskeletal injuries in Brazilian recreational triathletes
de Oliveira V,  Santos D, Sinisgalli R,  Vancini R, Costa G, Nikolaidis PT, Knechtle B, Weiss K, Andrade M, de Lira CAB
European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences 2022; 26:5651-5659
79 Sex difference in female and male ice swimmers for different strokes and water categories over short and middle distances – a descriptive study
Oppermann J, Knechtle B, Seffrin A, Vancini RL, de Lira CAB, Hill L, Andrade MS
Sports Medicine Open 2022; 8(1):63
80 Effects of high-intensity interval training on selected adipokines and cardiometabolic risk markers in normal-weight and overweight/obese young males. A pre-post test trial
Ouerghi N, Ben Fradj MK, Duclos M, Bouassida A, Feki M, Weiss K, Knechtle B
Biology 2022; 11:853
81 Exercise and mitochondrial mechanisms in patients with sarcopenia
Pahlavani HA, Laher I, Knechtle B, Zouhal H
Frontiers in Physiology 2022; 13:1040381
82 The Performance, Physiology and Morphology of Female and Male Olympic-Distance Triathletes
Puccinelli PJ, de Lira, CAB, Vancini RL, Nikolaidis, PT, Knechtle B, Rosemann T, Andrade MS
Healthcare 2022; 10:797
83 Respiratory Issues in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis as a Risk Factor during SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Potential Role for Regular Exercise Training
Razi O, Teixeira AM, Tartibian B, Zamani N, Knechtle B
Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 2022; Online ahead of print
84 Motivation for Brazilian older adult women to join a community physical activity program before COVID-19 pandemic
Silva RR, Rufino CR, Galvão LL, Vancini RL, Santos DAT, de Lira CAB, Andrade MS, Knechtle B, Nikolaidis PT, Okuno MFP, dos Santos RG
International Journal of Sport Studies for Health 2022; Vol.5, issue 1; e128560 published online
85 Technology and sleep quality: friend or foe? Let the exergames come into play!
Rosa JPP, Gentil P, Knechtle B, Vancini R, Campos M, Vieira C, Andrade M, de Lira C
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86 Physiological Changes Associated with Space Missions: How Physical Exercise Helps
Russomano T, Knechtle B, de Lira CAB, Andrade MS, Vancini RL
Int J Sport Stud Hlth 2022 April; 5(1):e130995
87 Resistance training reduces pain indices and improves quality of life and body strength in women with migraine disorders
Sari Aslani P, Hassanpour M, Razi O, Knechtle B, Parnow A
Sport Sci Health 2022; 18:433–443 
88 Authors’ Response to: Comment on: “Potential Long‑Term Health Problems Associated with Ultra‑Endurance Running: A Narrative Review”
Scheer V, Tiller NB, Doutreleau S, Khodaee M, Knechtle B, Pasternak A, Rojas‑Valverde D
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90 Effect of intensified training camp on psychometric status, mood state and hematological markers in youth soccer players
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Children 2022; 9(12):1996
91 Editorial: Training Methodology: A Multidimensional Approach For Team Sports
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92 Dietary Intake of Recreational Endurance Runners Associated with Race Distance—Results from the NURMI Study (Step 2)
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Nutrients 2022; 14: 3698
93 Sex Differences in Training Behaviors of 10 km to Ultra-Endurance Runners (Part A)— Results from the NURMI Study (Step 2)
Tanous D, Motevalli M, Wirnitzer G, Leitzmann C, Rosemann T, Knechtle B, Wirnitzer K
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2022; 19(20):13238 
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99 Fear of failure in Brazilian runners
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